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Education is the ultimate equaliser, and the greatest opportunity to break free from a cycle of poverty.

And yet, across our country, thousands of young girls from disadvantaged areas, already battling daunting odds to access quality education, are deprived of equal access to education just because they are female.

Research shows that as many as 30% of all teenage girls lose one or more teaching days because they do not have access to adequate or appropriate sanitary products, further widening the gender gap and limiting opportunities for girls and young women across the country.

The Performance Agency is proud to partner with Ignition Word Churches and Network for the TPA Equal Education Campaign, which has culminated in a R35 000 donation for the purchase of sanitary products.

These products are currently being distributed to girls in informal areas across Gauteng.

The campaign, which forms part of our #BusinessforBetter initiative, sets out to level the education playing field for girls by giving them equal access to dignified and uninterrupted schooling.


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