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Show Me Your (Amplified) Shift! In Cycle 1 of the African Bank Sales Transformation programme, we created the context and the scaffolding for what sales excellence and transformational leadership is. In Cycles 2 and 3, our African Bank Sales Superheroes stretched into higher gear, delivering on the newly articulating vision of delivering supercharged sales effectiveness within the bank by strengthening its sales capability.

The first South African Bank for the people, by the people, serving the people, African Bank's journey of learning, growing and stretching continues. At scale!


Building on the important foundational work done during Cycle 1, African Bank tasked us with realising a new, multi-layered performance challenge:

  • Embed sales excellence as a daily, lived experience within the sales culture

  • Supercharge sales

  • Ramp up foundational and sales cycle competencies

  • Elevate the Sales Consultants' confidence to deliver on their audacious goals

Just the kind of complex challenge we relish!

This is how it unfolded:


The #ShowMeYourShift all-about-sales programme asked 243 leaders and 126 sales consultants to lean into their audacious DNA and show us their SHIFT, as they underwent a journey of focused learning, across three delivery cycles over a six-month period.

Each delivery cycle focus on sales-specific competencies for both the sales consultants and leaders, and was delivered through eLearning, masterclasses, and personal coaching, as well as a leadership mindset track.

Thanks to a bespoke learning progamme, supported by a targeted communications strategy to motivate the sales consultants and leaders, as well as overt support from the project sponsors, we achieved massive SHIFT!


A stronger, more robust and future-fit sales capability!

As always, the numbers don't lie:

Cycle 2 saw an average increase of 27% in sales performance across all six products, with our sales consultants achieving 105% in product performance, which is 5% over their target.

What's more, the beginning of Cycle 3 coincided with the start of the 2022/2023 financial year, which kicked off with new increased targets and stretch goals of 29% for the new financial year.

Our audacious sales consultants met the challenge head on!

Impact is our game and our African Bank team stepped up, showed up, stretched into their (amplified) shift!


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