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Omni Transformation: Launching a digital solutions future.


African Bank was transitioning from a strictly loans to a transactional retail bank, with full Omni-channel capability. This required an incredible shift of perspective; a diversification of product offering, reinvention of service and the honest buy-in of an entire team of staff, salespeople and consultants.

How do you gear almost 4 000 humans, in under 12 months, with the skill, ability and passion to make the digital dream a reality? You get shift done.


TPA launched an integrated change management process that took 3920 African Bankers on a head (intellectual) and heart (emotional) change journey. We connected people to strategy and instilled a dream of a digital future. African Bankers were positioned to confidently participate in the expansion of their organisation and deliver on incredible ambition.

In 365 days, we took African Bank from a loan-based culture to a world-class Omni-channel transactional culture. We quantified an engagement score of 58%; an unbelievable 10% jump!


Because we believe that leadership matters disproportionately, TPA launched six LeaderSHIFT sessions over the course of the project. We built leadership capability and cascaded awareness, desire, engagement and action, via ongoing, face-to-face Snac-chat sessions.

In-branch coaching and training led up to go-live, as African Bankers became the first users of their new product, MyWORLD — a revolutionary transactional account. To celebrate the journey and the people, we held Rocktober Day, an explosion of culture that saw CEO Basani Maluleke jika on stage.

An army of optimistic champions were activated at a critical point in AB’s history, exceeding customer and market expectations with the successful launch of MyWORLD in early 2019.


Danceable. Revealing the enormous potential of prioritising the context and culture in which your people — and your business — thrive.

"Advancing lives is our point of reference for every decision we make in our business, whether it involves the customers we serve or for our people internally. It was vital for us to choose the right partner, with notable experience, who we could entrust in transforming African Bank into a digital business, without losing our core strengths and culture. This led us on an 18-month journey with The Performance Agency. Technically and creatively, their quality of work is exceptional, their focus on customer centricity, constant feedback and ability to adapt was evident in their well-structured step-by-step approach. Our experience with The Performance Agency was outstanding, their professionalism and efficiency is remarkable and they have the ability to really connect with their clients and achieve high levels of engagement from their participants.”


CEO: African Bank


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