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Partnering with African Bank on an audacious sales effectiveness journey.

African Bankers dream big.

Six years after the bank’s renaissance as a modern, digital bank, committed to advancing the lives of others through affordable and accessible financial and related services, they were ready to tackle a new, even more audacious challenge:

To realise 3.5 million customers by 2025.


The Performance Agency partnered with African Bank to realise this goal by developing and implementing a sales effectiveness programme designed to strengthen the very core of the bank: Its sales capability.

Our performance challenge: Lifting the level of the audacious Sales Superheroes and their leaders, through a sales transformation solution that calls on them to # ShowMeYourShift.

This is how it unfolded:


#ShowMeYourShift was an aspirational, stretch-inspired and all-about-sales programme that invites approximately 350 sales consultants and leaders to undergo a journey of learning, stretching and shifting.

The focus of #ShowMeYourShift is to elevate the confidence and competence of the African Bank sales force through a six-month journey of personal coaching, team rituals, masterclasses and eLearning, starting with two critical competencies: Adaptability; and Listening.

Together, we cemented the foundation for a focused, energised, reinvigorated African Bank sales culture.

In delivering this impactful programme, our objectives were simple but focused:

  • Empower African Bank’s leadership team to inspire and encourage their teams to reach new performance heights

  • Embed sales excellence as a daily lived experience within African Bank’s sales culture

  • Ramp up key sales competencies

  • And last – but by no means least – supercharge our Sales Superheroes’ enthusiasm and excitement levels to deliver on the audacious dream of reaching 3.5 million customers.

  • We identified and engaged 123 Sales Superheroes to put their shift into motion.

  • We unleashed 8 Performance Coaches across 8 regions

  • We travelled halfway around the world (we’re not kidding – we clocked 22 125 kilometres!) to engage our Sales Superheroes in 493 hours of focused coaching

  • We sharpened the critical competence of 252 leaders through 10 Masterclasses

  • All of which culminated in over 900 intense, performance-focused learning minutes



Take a bow, African Bank Sales Superheroes!

After only the first cycle of the #ShowMeYourShift sales transformation journey, we have shifted sales excellence to the next level by boosting sales performance by a phenomenal 20% across six products!

The numbers don't lie:

The TPA experience is characterised by intense planning, lots of passion and commitment in pursuing optimal design, and keen attention to detail. People come first. There are no stupid ideas. This is a partnership in achieving positive outcomes. The Performance Agency takes pride in the delivery of co-crafted outcomes and go to great lengths to make things happen.”


Channel Executive


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