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Redefining a 65-year-old culture

With eight business units and 4000+ people in over 48 countries around the world, the OMNIA Group touches hundreds of thousands of lives every day.

The organisation had grown exponentially, establishing a global footprint in the agricultural, mining and chemicals sector. Yet, they were facing environmental headwinds, ever-tougher market conditions and a flagging internal culture.


OMNIA had outlined a strategic vision for 2022, outlining clear operational, technological and solution-oriented objectives.

However, Adriaan de Lange, OMNIA’s managing director, intuitively knew a sound strategy wasn’t enough. The context and culture of OMNIA would need to enable and motivate. Only the people of OMNIA could bring the strategy to life.

"As a global organisation we have to acknowledge that the time has come to test the relevance of our culture, to deliver on our ambitious aspirations." - Opening address at Leadershift


A creative, immersive and intentional partnership between TPA and OMNIA, integrating three of TPA’s core capabilities — culture, LeaderSHIFT and change management — to deliver on the promise of re-imagining and re-establishing a culture that has been around for more than six decades.

In partnership with OMNIA, we developed a set of Core Beliefs; guidelines and behaviours that would create OMNIA’s context. Most importantly, we articulated a why. A Core Purpose Statement that defined OMNIA’s reason for being, premised in the belief that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

We deliver trusted performance and innovative solutions that leave the world better.

Guiding intentions were pivotal; influencing every aspect of the change management journey. The project is ongoing. Having already seen tremendous connection and uptake, we continue to align and mobilise OMNIA leaders, to become change ambassadors for their people and for the future OMNIA is creating for itself.


To bring business strategy down to earth, capture extraordinary history and translate an understanding of why, OMNIA had to redefine the way it spoke about itself. To express incredible ambition in a deeply emotive way we could not be academic. We had to tell a story. Enter the #Better campaign and the journey of #Better@Omnia. Three distinct storylines that would play out in three natural waves, speaking to the future, to culture and to delivering in better ways to the customer. Articulated simply as:

To shift 4000+ people to buy in, believe and commit to #Better, we created a movement. We hosted a LeaderSHIFT, with 412 leaders from across the business flying in from 48 countries to discuss what #Better looks like. An opportunity to interact, feedback and reflect on the potential of the OMNIA culture and the future. Armed with material and support, leaders took the #Better message back to their teams, through a series of Connect Sessions.


The story continues as #Better@Omnia nears the third wave. Across the world, OMNIA people are waking up to the potential of a united 4000-strong workforce and the power of an individual who makes the difficult, right decisions today. Influenced by insight and collaboration, we work towards an OMNIA that is decidedly collaborative and innovative. One that is intentionally creating its own context and culture, to offer groundbreaking solutions, to leave behind a better world.

#BETTER@OMNIA is not a packaged solution, but an engagement. It's a journey that every OMNIA individual can adopt, interrogate and shape.


Ever-building. Results see 82% of OMNIA people connected; interested in understanding and achieving their organisations Core Purpose. With a renewed sense of energy, an appreciation of community and a drive to create innovative, customer-focused solutions, OMNIA is embracing the future in a stronger, bolder and greener way.


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