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When talent emerges, we build a bigger table. - Natalie Maroun

We are delighted to announce the induction of three senior leaders as formal Multipliers – the official leadership structure in our business.

Our Multiplier Table has no fixed number of seats: When emerging talent commits to multiplier behaviour, and lives purposefully into our core beliefs, we build a bigger table.

Congratulations Keshni Naidoo, Seretha Slabbert Gentles and Yanai Klawansky on their formal induction into our Multiplier team.


Keshni has emerged as a formidable and indispensable force in our business. Embodying dedication and commitment, her appointment to the Multiplier Table is an acknowledgement of her commitment to excellence and her growing stature in all the projects in which she is involved.

“I fully grasp that as a Multiplier, my words matter, my actions matter, and my intention for #Better must be felt,” Keshni says.

“In stepping into this space, I own the responsibility and stewardship that comes with it … to show up for not only my tribe, but for our partners as well. I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being a Multiplier and will live into the oath I have taken, each and every day.”


Seretha is one of the clearest examples of someone who lives into our maxim of better, and who epitomises our commitment to listening, forging purposeful partnerships, and helping our clients thrive in the space of sensemaking.

“Being a Multiplier means that you commit to adding value at every opportunity,” Seretha says.

“By being granted a seat at the leadership table, my team affirms their belief in my contribution as part of the future of The Performance Agency. I believe that “the best leaders make everyone smarter,” and I am grateful to serve this tribe for the sake of #Better.”


Yanai epitomises the stretch, growth and absolute dedication to constant improvement that has come to personify TPA, mastering the complexities of a nuanced operating environment while delivering huge value for one of our biggest clients.

“Becoming a Multiplier is an honour and a responsibility,” Yanai says.

“It's an opportunity to invest my passion, dedication, and ideas into the growth of our business, alongside an incredible team. I'm humbled and excited to take this journey forward, and deeply grateful for the trust, support and collaboration along the way.”


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