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A Defender-worthy digital experience


Jaguar Land Rover South Africa was gearing up for the launch of the new Land Rover Defender.

The Defender is an undeniable icon, and to rebirth a legacy would never be easy. JLRSA had to communicate the stunning capability of the vehicle to a sceptical market, while honouring its esteemed heritage.

They had eight weeks to gear their diverse dealership sales teams, across Sub-Saharan Africa, with the know-how, confidence and enormous energy needed to take on the vital challenge unique to members of #TeamDefender: To enable adventure!


Drive the Story. An eight-week digital adventure to Defender mastery! Implementing a novel, fully digital approach, JLRSA trailblazed a new way to learn, globally.

Drive the Story — a progressive web app — was the vehicle of choice to match the Defender’s own digital capability. Drive the Story invited #TeamDefender on a personalised pitstop journey of preparation.

The solve transformed ho-hum sales prep into a gamified, social, interactive digital experience.

This is next level learning

Strategic in its concerns, tactical in its storytelling and oh-so-human in its communication, Drive the Story did all it had to, and then made it fun.

Personal Journeys encouraged self-led learning and Team Journeys mimicked IRL drive challenges, with a digital twist. Activities fed into a lively news feed and a hypercompetitive leaderboard, fuelling teamwork across dealerships.

Drive the Story set the groundwork for the growth of a legend, informed but unchained by the past.

Flex, don’t fume

The Defender launched at a tricky time. Covid-19 made the originally proposed in-person VIP drive experience impossible. A disappointment but not a derail. Plan B was no compromise, as we pushed what was possible and proved the potential of the immersive online learning experience.


Iconic! We achieved a 92% completion rate on a self-paced digital learning programme, which is almost unheard of. Engagements were active, the leaderboard was jostling and salespeople across Africa were — in their own words — ready. The JLRSA team were set to launch an evolved icon.


“TPA has forever transformed the way in which we launch new products and training in Jaguar Land Rover. When compared to other markets you can see that we are streets ahead of anything anyone else is even thinking about, let alone already delivered. When I look at the digital solve and progressive transformation we have created in Jaguar Land Rover South Africa by making training accessible, competitive and fun, it’s very clear that this app has given us an unrivalled competitive edge, not just in the industry but in our own brand.”

- Tanya Ramlagan

Head of Human Resources and Training

Jaguar Land Rover, South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa

“TPA delivered a virtual experience that we never thought possible. They have set the bar for the future of product training by making information accessible, riveting, and changing the way people engage with our products. TPA has pushed the boundaries of the future of vehicle launches in the market. They’ve created a competitive advantage not just for the Jaguar Land Rover brand in the industry, but helped Jaguar Land Rover South Africa set the bar for global training.”

- Kate Davenport

Training and Manager Jaguar Land Rover, South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa

“TPA epitomises the premium quality of our brand and our company values. They catapulted us into the digital age much faster than we would ever have been able to do ourselves. Jaguar Land Rover South Africa had an exceptionally high engagement and completion rate on the Defender launch, more so than any other product launch we’ve ever done. Through this digital solution TPA has changed the way we do product launches in the future by enabling a sustainable hybrid approach to product training where we can leverage best aspects of face-to-face, experiential, and digital training to enable optimal learning and as a result exceptional customer experience.”

- Heidi Galetti

Non-Technical Trainer Jaguar Land Rover, South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa


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