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Timeless skill meets new-age innovation. A bespoke and dynamic change solution for EasyHQ’s new value proposition.


After a reshuffling and clustering of certain business units around its growth strategy, EOH gave birth to EasyHQ, a unique business that offers a start-to-end solution, and has the potential to revolutionise the way we view head office-type services. It was to be your ‘one-stop shop’ providing everything that you need. No fuss. No foul.


However, for this vision to come to life in a visceral and impactful way, EasyHQ would need to drive its unique value proposition in such a way that it would inspire collaboration, leveraging the unique talents and abilities of its teams and partners to innovate, adapt, and accelerate. This requires a dynamic and bespoke change solution, which can be difficult to accept on a good day.


How does one encourage individuals – who are accustomed to strictly operating as just that – to unite behind a joint cause and change solution? And, once you’ve achieved that, what does that change look like, and how do we implement it in order to brighten EasyHQ and its individual business units’ future?


A profound and significant partnership would be required to drive the accelerated change that EasyHQ was looking for. The kind of change that is inclusive, collaborative, empowering, and capable of challenging the status quo. This would be achieved through a customised change approach, together with targeted change messaging that would prove more suitable and effective in rallying the support and loyalty required to bring EasyHQ’s freshly combined value proposition to life.  



A future-facing dual delivery model. This model allows everyone to work according to their individual strengths in a way that is cohesive and collaborative, combining experience and established skill with new-age innovation. This approach grants everyone the space and freedom to do what they do best, while performing at their highest point of contribution. This model says “no” to working harder and “yes” to working smarter in order to build a new, agile, future-fit organisation that leaves no one behind.


Did someone say agile, robust, and pioneering change, without compromising the strength and security of the core? This is what we do best.

TPA joined forces with EasyHQ to create a series of leader connects and workshops to introduce and cascade this dual delivery model into the business. Uniting business units and teams for a #better, brighter future, and positioning its organisation in such a way that it will thrive through the uncertainty of change, all behind a freshly painted and unique value proposition.



Our journey with EasyHQ has just begun, yet the road that we have already walked together has been, and continues to be, human at the core. Believing in each other’s strengths and abilities to bring our collective vision to life.


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