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Better believes nothing is impossible.

TPA is unapologetic. About offering a glittering alternative in a cookie-cutter consulting world. About being controversial. About our belief that we have cracked the culture code: Our brand is our people; our people are our brand. We have completed over 900 game changing projects over 20 years with 100% of our clients returning for more not because there is anything extraordinary about any of us as individuals, but because we have built a culture — and continue to build one, daily — that understands the philosophy of #Better.

#Better doesn’t buy into a story of limitations. #Better believes nothing is impossible.

#Better has an origin story that lies with the leaders of TPA, yet it has bloomed far beyond a select few and interconnects us all. Why? Because it is not an enforced doctrine. We have simply found people that believe what we believe and created a context for them to thrive. This deep fixation with performance, of bettering our yesterday, of bettering ourselves, for the sake of #Better, is what attracts people to TPA and TPA to people. #Better has become a wonderful marker for us to attract and retain our people and clients who identify not with an industry, service, title or any one problem, but with the maxim that greatness is about never arriving.

The current state of business is asking more of people than ever before. To engage even though apart, to maintain outcomes while possibly managing familial and caregiving commitments, to be innovative and collaborative in a time when many may turn inward and prioritise themselves. Covid-19 and its impact is challenging people to do and handle more. This will be a time when reins are loosened on brand building, people initiatives and CULTURE. But brands who have built strong cultures will see their investment pay off.

As culture efforts step back, robust and irrepressible cultures will have people who step forward. Anchored in a compelling why and a powerful set of core beliefs, enculturated people are more likely to live into what they’ve been taught and what they believe, whether in calm seas or crisis. Companies who have invested in a culture that replaces constraint, compliance, control and contract with stretch, discipline, support and trust will withstand buffeting. Because this culture imbues and empowers people with accountability.

This accountability is key. People are driven by purpose rather than obligation. They are inspired to do more rather than less. They comprehend the impact of their personal contribution. Accountability allows a team to confront difficult situations; to retain focus and spontaneity; to be controversial and get away with it; to deliver creative work uncompromised, and to have more fun doing it. No matter the context.

Our clients can relate.

Those who identify with #Better have seen a brilliantly lit future and aren’t afraid to go out and get it. They want to work with an agency whose core beliefs resonate and whose eyes are on a podium finish. No matter how high the odds are stacked against us (global lockdown, anyone?). We return to the law of attraction: The companies and people that TPA work with, time and again, are those that share the deep, gut-fuelled philosophy of #Better.

So, what can you expect from a working relationship with TPA?

We Listen We listen with the intention not of responding but deeply understanding your problem. We suspend our ego to open up to your insights. Inevitably this leads us to #Better solutions we could never arrive at single-handedly. To listen, effectively, means letting go of preconceived ideas and shelf solutions. The best success we have enjoyed has always risen from co-creation; client and agency collabs that result in out-of-the-box, in-context solutions.

We are Accountable Every one of our consultants take recommendations and executions upon themselves. We forego hierarchy in favour of independence; decentralising leadership and relying on guidance and support premised in the belief that everyone has something to learn. To be sure, there is clarity, teamwork and leadership. Independence does not mean island-living. It means responsible, self-disciplined individuals. Everyone doing their best, within a resonant set of core beliefs, aligned to the goal of performing #Better.

We are Obsessed #Better. #Performance. Every day. When performance is a fixation, classic limitations of the world collapse. We don’t measure ourselves to a woefully low bar. We believe, deeply, that we are nowhere near our potential. We will push you and your people further. Our work — together — is fuelled by our core purpose, which is to create a #Better workplace, for #Better performance, with #Better possibilities. No matter what, we will solve your performance problems.

Our Actions are Anchored in our Core Beliefs And we expect the same of you! True performance can only reveal itself if we work allied and aligned, both in awe of what may be achieved. We anticipate dual commitment: no BS, and all in from our people and from you.

We must relate to translate.

The beauty of #Better is this: As you get #Better, so you realise how much #Better you can be. Remote working, digital strategies and unprecedented change are among many relevant challenges that TPA views as opportunities.

Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. - Robin S. Sharma

We have been training for this our whole lives; to be innovative and creative in the face of the most challenging performance problems. We’re ready for you. Welcome to your performance journey.

Welcome to #Better.

© Natalie Maroun


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