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Holistic wellness is essential for thriving.

This week, our team spent time with some of our most valued clients reimagining what wellness and the pursuit of happiness at work looks like.

"A lovely and valuable morning, and an important reminder that happiness is not a destination to be reached, but rather a conscious daily choice," says Maryke Klawansky.

"It's not always easy. It takes courage to confront your insecurities and doubts head-on, but choosing to rise above them to find joy, even in the face of adversity.”

In an era of perpetual disruption, wellness is one of the most important enablers of organisational success.

"Holistic wellness cultivates resilience, courage and flexibility," says TPA's Dr El-Karien van Der Linde. "It is essential for thriving, and one of the ultimate organisational differentiators.

Holistic wellness is essential for thriving.


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