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"This programme is really making a difference. The project team is noticing a massive improvement in our Fellows." - Hanlie Theunissen

The TPA learning team are on site in Cape Town this week for the second-year intake of the Absa Fellowship Programme.

Our team are nurturing 42 Fellows to become impactful leaders of the future, guiding them through hands-on and deeply practical modules such as Personal Mastery, Effective Communication, and Win-Win Negotiations.

The Year 2 Fellows are a diverse group of individuals who bring a range of unique and invaluable perspectives to the table.

"It's essential for these Fellows to understand the importance of making an impact, and learning the ability to be global citizens, in order to go out there and truly make a difference in their fields, in Africa, and in the world," says Dr Reaan Immelman, Absa's Head of Education Delivery.

The Fellowship programme is rooted in self-discovery, allowing Fellows to discover who they are, amplifying their strengths and identifying potential weaknesses as a way to build and develop the self-aware and actualised leadership our organisations need.

"This programme is really making a difference," says TPA Executive Consultant Hanlie Theunissen. "The project team is noticing a massive improvement in the Fellows."

Fellow TPA facilitator Lauren Beretta agrees.

"We are privileged to be part of something that is truly making a difference in the lives of these fellows. This programme will result in our Fellows making an impact on the world at large."


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