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5 trends leaders must pay attention to in 2024

2024 will be a watershed year for South African organisations, and a litmus test for leaders entrusted with realising value and driving performance. TPA Managing Director Natalie Maroun breaks down the top #leadership trends that will shape the South African business landscape over the next 12 months.


1. Sustainability as a Leadership Imperative

Ethical and sustainable business practices will move from being optional social responsibility initiatives to core components of leadership strategy, Natalie says.

“Leaders will increasingly be judged on their ability to integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria into their decision-making processes."

Leaders who live into business for better to drive social impact will attract the greatest loyalty and engagement. - Natalie Maroun


2. The Power of Purpose

Purpose-driven organisations will be the clear winners in 2024.

“Leaders who align their businesses with a clear and meaningful purpose, beyond profit, will resonate deeply with employees and customers alike," she says. "A strong sense of purpose attracts passionate individuals who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.”


3. Collaborate or die!

Leaders who continue to trade out of the space of competition are in for a rude awakening, Natalie says.

"Trying to out-maneuver the competition will increasingly become a diminishing space, with limited returns. Successful leaders will zero in on collective strengths, proactively seek opportunities for collaboration, sharing knowledge and building hive innovation, a concept that recognises we achieve significantly more together than we could alone.”


4. The Rise of EQ

This year, emotional intelligence will take centre stage as the cornerstone of effective, transformational leadership.

“Leaders who excel in empathy, self-awareness, and emotional regulation will succeed in creating positive, high-performing teams,” Natalie says.

Leaders who fail to put their people at the centre of every decision will see top talent exit in record numbers. - Natalie Maroun


5. Thriving Remotely

2024 will see a bump in the return-to-work trend, but hybrid and remote work is here to stay, and will become an ever-larger feature of modern workplaces.

“The key to successful hybrid work is not just functional digital integration, but meaningful integration. What does this look like? It’s about creating fully collaborative online environments, equitable access to resources and giving all team members equal voice, regardless of where they are.”


6. Inclusion and Diversity

It’s long overdue, but equity, diversity, and inclusion will finally become the non-negotiable leadership priorities they were always meant to be.

“Belonging is a business imperative,” Natalie says. “Leaders who recognise this, and who prioritise inclusive environments, will inspire an engaged and innovative workforce.”


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