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An EPIC goal of being the number one rated bank on the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi). Impossible? Of course not.

African Bank positions themselves as a customer obsessed bank.

To ensure the promise of customer-centricity came alive on the frontline, the bank had to inform, engage and inspire the Branch Network, Sales and Service Contact Centre to deeply care about the customer.


In only six months, 2 400 African Bankers had to become the collaborative sales and service culture African Bank needed. To stoke the fire #1by21 was born. An EPIC goal of being the number one rated bank on the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi).


Team Up! An agile methodology for African Bank frontline teams.

Team Up built on the Culture Code, instilling rituals that enabled leaders and teams to work collaboratively, efficiently and #better. Leadership activations sparked the journey and coaching, facilitated by TPA, kept up the heat.

We oriented the bank’s focus on #1by21. We facilitated that focus through Team Up artefacts and rituals. Teamwork and service delivery was tested, reflected and improved upon (time and again).

A Team Up event launched Wave 1 to over 400 leaders; communicating marginal gains and better teamwork, stoked by the #1by21 epic goal. Customer engagement and culture insights informed project strategy, content and focus, helping us meet and support teams where they were.

#Better ways of work were established. Show Ups, Stand Ups and Step Ups became weekly or bi-monthly rituals of alignment and reflection.

Teams were accountable for goal setting, problem solving and improved service delivery. Dedicated ritual collateral — Kanban boards and coaching templates — made progress physical and visible. A communication campaign kept spirits soaring and the epic goal top of mind.


By the end of Wave 1, 94% of African Banker respondents were implementing TeamUp.

There were remarked improvements in teamwork, accountability and communication within teams and management.

Ultimately, the team efforts translated into hugely improved customer satisfaction, leading African Bank into the number 1 place in SA-csi 2020.


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